under my umbrella

It’s been..a week.

A really, really, really long, tiring, not-altogether-good week.

I’ve been trying to complain less, because I find it annoying when other people complain all the time.  So that’s part of the reason I’ve been scarce lately.  It’s been the kind of week where I don’t think I could have posted without complaining.  Case in point, this post, already.

Alrighty, let’s just embrace it.

Bad: Tripping over a huge rock while playing Frisbee with my cousins last Saturday, twisting my ankle, and watching it swell to twice its normal size.

Good: Spending time with my cousins and grandmother.

Bad, bad, bad: Climbing a mountain with twisted ankle, cousins, and grandmother.  Worse decision I’ve made in I-don’t-know-when.  And I don’t know why I did it, except that I didn’t want to be left behind or wimpy.  Dumb, I know.

Good:  Getting all the rain we prayed for all last summer.  I love the rainy weather.

Bad: Going back to school after spring break with sore foot, sore back, and sore throat.  And a fever (didn’t know about that until after school/work Monday afternoon).  Also bad: dropping the glass thermometer on the bathroom floor and breaking it.  Thankfully it was a mercury-free one (what is in it if it’s mercury-free?)

Good: Spending Tuesday afternoon curled up in a quilt with a pretty good book, then making cookies that were gobbled down in class Wednesday morning.

Good: Am currently rereading The Secret Garden, and loving it much more than I did as a child.

Bad: Sitting on gym bleachers for six hours today at my sister’s baton competition.

Good: Watching my sister do pretty good at her competition.

Bad: Watching Helga (gosh-awful annoying girl) beat my sister.

Good: Naming the girls my sister competed against with my mom.

Good: Planning my next quilt.

Bad: Not having money to buy the fabric I want for my new quilt.

Good: Getting my bird-making kit from Alicia Paulson.

Bad: Not having time to make the birds.

Bad: Not having time to do the things I want to do, period.

Good: Going to compile a wish list of fabric I can’t buy.

Bad: Hitting publish without proofreading or adding a picture.



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2 responses to “under my umbrella

  1. cindylou88

    Answer: They contain alcohol and a cocktail of other chemicals, generally harmless. Hope your week gets better! ❤ Me

  2. I try not to complain as much either…but then I decided to screw it, because being the self absorbed person I can be at times, I’ve decided that my complaining is more important, therefore validated. I however, do think there’s a difference between “whining” and “complaining.” I don’t like whiners.

    Nice blog by the way…I’ve enjoyed it 🙂

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