my room smells like dirt

here’s why:


wow, take blurry pictures much?



I commandeered my sister’s windowsill while she was on her band spring trip this weekend, too, but I don’t have any pictures of it yet.



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3 responses to “my room smells like dirt

  1. amillionthingstosmileabout

    I’m envious of all those plants, I have to get some started for my new flat.

  2. cindylou88

    Nice! I am jealous much! Yay dirt. 🙂

    My last final is on the 6th at 7 pm at night (can’t even begin to TELL you how excited I am about that :P) so I shall be waltzing down to Cave Spring on the 7th or 8th. May classes start on the 12th so I shall probably be waltzing right on back sometime on the 11th. I absolutely *demand* your attention at some point during that time span. You will make time for me, yes?

  3. wow! those plants look so healthy! we finally got ours out of the windows and into the ground this weekend. i was glad to be able to clean up all the spilled dirt! 🙂

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