This is a sickness

Not the huge piles of summer clothes or all the shoes that I finally wedged into my closet.  Not the massive amount of food I’ve eaten today (who am I kidding, for the past three days).  Not the length of time since my last post on here.  No, na-no.  I’m talking about the stacks of books I unearthed when I moved the clothes and shoes and bags and miscellaneous school papers.

Do you remember what my bookcases used to look like? (aka the most popular post in applesandonions history)

And then I ran out of room and had to get this little bookcase?  (remind me to tell you about the science fair project I did on baking bread this semester)

Well.  It’s time for another trip to the antique mall.  The state of (part of) my children’s book collection:


No, I don’t have kids.  But I am a really good ECE major.  And my classroom library is going to be AWESOME.

And a peek at the big bookcase:


that’s pretty characteristic of how the rest of the shelves are looking–cluttered.

And I know that in a year (Oh.My.Gosh.One.Year.) (Everytime I think “I am a senior in college now” I get this really weird feeling in my stomach) I will have a place to put all those children’s books, but where am I going to put them until then?  And where am I going to put all of the books I am going to buy between now and then?  Because my wish list is 4 pages long and growing.  And actually I was thinking about going and ordering some books tonight.  I know, I KNOW.  I shouldn’t, but I really should.  I’m student-teaching 4th grade next year, and my teacher said I should think of suggestions of books for us to read.  See there–Totally justified.  And, library books give me the heebie-jeebies.  (Please, no comment on the fact that I have been working in libraries for the past three years and I want to be a school librarian.  That has definitely contributed to my shuddery-old-book feelings.)

Erm, so yeah.  Me.  Pretty dillusional.  And addicted.  Told ya I had a problem.


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3 responses to “This is a sickness

  1. Kristina

    I feel ya. I learned today how few books it takes to fill a book case (more on that in my blog post). I would say don’t worry about it. Stack ’em one deep to the ceiling if you have too, they’re books, not garbage 😉 And Sr. year is great, trust me.

  2. Whitney

    Totally justified. That is my take on it. It was nice to see you the other night!! I miss you in my life…

    And you are going to be the best teacher with the best library. True story.

  3. Hey there Betsy :o) I love my books… I have brought my shelf count down to 3. I’m pretty impressed with myself. I have given a lot of them away, sold some on… and I only keep the special ones. The ones that I just love love love. It’s hard… but I’m motivated to have less stuff, especially since I’ll be moving later in the month. Hope you’re having a great Friday!

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