it’s only the second day…

but school is already kicking my tail…

So I know that I promised some posts about summer, but I really just don’t have it going on tonight.

So instead, you get dark, blurry self-portraits.


This is, I think, going to be the official uniform of Fall 09: cardigan, tee, fab jeans, comfy mocs.  [old navy, gap, gap, old navy.]  Hair in a ponytail with bangs swept straight back until it all grows out about three inches.  Vintage bangle.


Today’s look: the lovely lady lumberjack cardi [target], black knit dress (awesome birthday present a year ago)[old navy], and red mary janes from Wal-Mart of all places.  I promise my limbs are not orange in real life.


My 36 page pdf just finished downloading..I’m going to go see if I can read it..



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2 responses to “it’s only the second day…

  1. Whitney

    Betsy you are so incredibly cute. I love both outfits! So cute. How about next time I’m in Rome we go book shopping? I need two things: a really good in-between-assignments book, and Betsy time. Tell me what you think of this idea. Love!

  2. Kristina

    Girl, I’m so glad you’re back! It’s been lonely here in blog world without you!!

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