For those of you not in the craft-y world, I’m talking about unfinished objects.  And I have lots of them.


1.  Belinda–So yeah, I’ve been working on this wrap for almost a year.  And I’m about 1/4 of the way done..soo..3 years to go??  (Here it is back in November) 


2.  Pleated Wrap–from the Spring/Summer 09 issue of Debbie Bliss knitting magazine; raveled* here.  This is for my former piano teacher; it’s the priority project at the moment.


3.  Yo-yo pillow–from here..I am so incredible close to being done with this, but I stalled out right when school started back..Such a fun project though; those yo-yos were perfect for making while watching the OC block on SoapNet..If you’re thinking even just a little bit ‘Hey, I wanna make that’, I say Go For It! 


4.  Twelve Dancing Princesses–huge (3′ x 1.5′-ish) stitch, stitch, stitching project..Hafta find my transfer paper so I can finish their heads/hair/arms and the trees..I mean, this is pretty much going to be a family heirloom–I’m planning on my granddaughters fighting over who gets it when I die..


5.  Friendly Birds kit from Alicia Paulson (who is pretty much my hero)  It would be pretty great to finish this project before her new ornament kit comes out..

It would also probably be pretty great to finish some of these projects before starting this one (although I don’t know if I can resist!)  Or this one (need to wear some holes in the knees of my jeans)..Or another lovely one from A.Paul..

All these UFOs are hanging out on my one FO for the summer..my “You’ve Got Mail”-inspired pinwheel lap-ish quilt..more details and pics and wrinkly linen-cotton love to come about that.. 

*For those of you, again, not in the know, Ravelry is like Facebook for knitters; “raveled” is the equivalent of saying “facebooked”.



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2 responses to “UFOs

  1. Whitney

    I really, really like number 4. I may fight over it with your granddaughters….just saying. 😀

  2. Nikki

    My internet is being gay and I can’t see any of your pictures =(
    Also, sweet! How much do you want for your GRE book? How come you have to take the MAT instead, library school? (I love calling it that!)

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