Fall is here and I love it!

A little while back I was wearing this outfit:


And I got the following comment from a random guy I passed: “That’s a serious look.  I like it.”

I chose to believe he was referring to my outfit, which was a serious look for a rainy Wednesday on a college campus, and not the look on my face (which was probably very serious, too, as I had a test in an hour and it was just all-around a stressful day).  Here’s the ‘serious look’ without my ‘His Girl Friday’ trench:


That belt is what I imagine a corset would feel like.  It reminds me of a passage from Eight Cousins: ‘ “…The idea of cramping a tender little waist in a stiff band of steel and leather just when it ought to be growing,” said Dr. Alec, surveying the belt with great distaste…’  Oh, what we do for fashion..

The dress and the belt and the boots came from a fall break getaway to Chattanooga with a couple of friends from school, but before that was a family reunion in Knoxville.  Some pictures from a Tennessee weekend:


We stopped at Mayfield on the way for ice cream.


Of course there was frisbee, and cards,


and all manner of silliness.


We slept in a pop-out camper–super fun, once the little third cousins stopped terrorizing us.  (It was also super fun to laugh at the antics of the little third cousins–a whole bunch of little boys who looked alike, full of that little boy bravado.)

The next day the family dropped me off in Chattanooga on the way home.  There was lots of eating, talking, Facebook stalking, walking, and shopping.  Highly anticipated was the fabulous used bookstore, McKay’s (and you know I have a phobia for used books, so for me to say it was fabulous means that it really is).  I’d never been before, but oh-my-gosh, I’m going back, and with a sack or two of books to trade in.  The haul:


Jill’s books (about 50 books total, most of those chapter books are stacks of multiple copies)


Beth’s books (again, just over 50)


And..my books..haha..I thought Jill and Beth were going to push me off the top of Lookout Mountain to get my hardcover copy of Hate that Cat.  We love Sharon Creech.  Who doesn’t love Sharon Creech, right?


They had their chance when we rode the Incline Railway.  The track is at a 72 degree angle.  I don’t know if you know this, but 72 degrees is practically straight up. 


The view from the top.  Pretty fabulous.

Kind of like this weather.  Which reminds me: this cool weather–it’s doing wonderful things to my hair, which is almost, just almost, back to a length I actually like.  By Thanksgiving, baby, when it’s time to see the other half of the Tennessee family.  I’ll have some more frisbee-card-playing-top-of-a-hill pictures for you then, too.  Ah, fall.  Are you here to stay this time?


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