9 for (what’s left of)* ’09

I was skimming through the archives a minute ago, and I came across my list of resolutions for 2009. I’m not linking back to it here, because I’m a little embarrassed at how little I’ve accomplished.  I have learned to bake pretty good bread, so that’s one thing checked off, at least.

Maybe it’s time for some revised goals for the next couple of months.  Let’s make them measurable, while we’re at it.  Incorporate some of those good teaching strategies we’re learning.

1.  Master chili.

2.  Break addiction to caffeinated drinks.  A carry-over from January, which would probably definitely help with…

3.  Get in better shape.  Shall we say, lose 6 pounds; bike 150 miles?  Sounds doable, even with…

4.  Throw a fabulous Thanksgiving party.  No-brainer.  The Wednesday before Thanksgiving.  Be there, or be square.

5.  Read ten books.  To quote my sister, “Girl, please.”

6.  (From January 1’s ‘things to do next week’)  Finish the green half of the Belinda wrap.  ha.  At the rate I’m going, I will finish this project in 2012.

7.  Finish other miscellaneous sewing/craft projects.  Large wall-hanging embroidery.  Small ornament embroidery.  New inspiration book.  My dad is lobbying for new coasters.  And I really want a hot-water bottle+cover.

8.  Participate in politics class.  Class participation is a big percentage of our grade, and I am very.  very. bad at it.  As in, haven’t done it at all.  So.  Definitely need to make more of an effort.  Actually, let’s just say, ‘do well in politics class’ in general.  I’d really love to make an A. 

9.  Floss and take calcium daily.  A no-brainer, but then, most of these are.  Drink milk, eat healthy, yada, yada.

So, these are doable, right?  Can we agree that these will override the January resolutions?  That would really help my self-esteem, and also, daylight savings/the beginning of a new month seems like a good time to set some new goals.  I’ll check back in with these in January, and hopefully I fully intend to be able to check them all off.

*I almost titled this post ‘9 for 9/09’, then I remembered that November is the 11th month.  My bad.


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