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Like I really needed something else to help me procrastinate..

Last week.  Was.  Horrific.  Oh my gosh.  I don’t even want to think about it.

There were a few good points.  One or two.


1.  My college supervisor observed me teaching, and it went phenomenally well.  Like, super amazing.  (My mom acts completely non-surprised: ‘I’ve always said you could do anything you put your mean little head to, I mean, your stubborn little head to.’  Thanks, Mama.)


2.  I won a book (One-Yard Wonders by Rebecca Yaker and Patricia Hoskins) from the ever fabulous Finny, and it came in the mail last week!!  First pickles, and now a sewing book?  Her blog must really like me.


The book is so great; I’ve been carrying it around with me since it got here Thursday afternoon.  I’ve already post-it-ed about a dozen projects I want to try.  The styling is pretty great.  I took a few pictures, but then my camera batteries died on me.

Only 12 school days until Thanksgiving!!  And after this week, it should be pretty easy!  And then only a week of class and a week of finals until Christmas break!!!  Ahh!  Today I started getting into kind-of a Christmas-y mood, which usually doesn’t happen until after T-giving, which is one of my favorites.  I’m making a mental list of things I want to do this holiday season.  I’ll have to write it down for you.  and me.  My mom’s decided that this is going to be the year of quality family Christmas time.  And I’m more than okay with that. 

Gosh, I can’t believe that this year is almost over!  In five weeks, I’ll have four weeks of vacation..I’m dreaming of wool felt ornaments, and quilted hot water bottle covers, and good books, and all kinds of lovely things..


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Happy Halloween


I made a Halloween costume for one of my best friends this year.

It was my first sewn garment.


I will not be appearing on Project Runway anytime soon.


What was it?

I’ll give you a clue.

She wasn’t Dorothy.

Actually, that’s two clues, because now you know it was for a girl, too.

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If my life was a Nora Ephron movie, it would have a really great soundtrack.

If you know me at all, you probably know that my very most favorite movie is “You’ve Got Mail”.  I love Meg Ryan, Tom Hanks, her hair, the music, her BOOKSHOP, HER APARTMENT!!  Ackk!!   

So I made a quilt inspired by the quilt on her bed in that movie.



It’s a smallish, lap quilt sized throw based on this triangle tutorial from the Purl Bee, made up in sweet pinks and yellows alternating with linen.  I absolutely love it!  I am very haphazard, non-Type-A when it comes to sewing, so not all of those little corners match up, but it’s pretty and warm and I don’t care.

I also finished an UFO:



My beloved yo-yo pillow!  From this Design*Sponge tutorial..For this project I expanded my color selection to include my favorite light turquoise-y blues and sea greens.  I think project is the epitome of the “granny chic” style.  It just makes me so happy!  I love that all the little scrappy yo-yo’s pull together fabrics and colors from my other quilts and projects.  Also, I cannot cry when I am looking at this pillow, so it’s good for my emotional health, as well.  Here’s a picture of the back:


That stripey green on the top there is the backing of my “You’ve Got Mail” quilt.  It’s got little pink dots that pull it together, but still–lots of contrast.

Speaking of Nora Ephron, I managed to make it to “Julie and Julia” the last weekend it was in theaters around here–SO good!  It made me want to cook, which I did, with not a lot of success, later that same weekend.

This weekend, I have been super inspired (and distracted from productivity) by looking at this lady’s lovely quilts.  It makes me want to sew!

Why can’t I watch/read something that makes me want to study?


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For those of you not in the craft-y world, I’m talking about unfinished objects.  And I have lots of them.


1.  Belinda–So yeah, I’ve been working on this wrap for almost a year.  And I’m about 1/4 of the way done..soo..3 years to go??  (Here it is back in November) 


2.  Pleated Wrap–from the Spring/Summer 09 issue of Debbie Bliss knitting magazine; raveled* here.  This is for my former piano teacher; it’s the priority project at the moment.


3.  Yo-yo pillow–from here..I am so incredible close to being done with this, but I stalled out right when school started back..Such a fun project though; those yo-yos were perfect for making while watching the OC block on SoapNet..If you’re thinking even just a little bit ‘Hey, I wanna make that’, I say Go For It! 


4.  Twelve Dancing Princesses–huge (3′ x 1.5′-ish) stitch, stitch, stitching project..Hafta find my transfer paper so I can finish their heads/hair/arms and the trees..I mean, this is pretty much going to be a family heirloom–I’m planning on my granddaughters fighting over who gets it when I die..


5.  Friendly Birds kit from Alicia Paulson (who is pretty much my hero)  It would be pretty great to finish this project before her new ornament kit comes out..

It would also probably be pretty great to finish some of these projects before starting this one (although I don’t know if I can resist!)  Or this one (need to wear some holes in the knees of my jeans)..Or another lovely one from A.Paul..

All these UFOs are hanging out on my one FO for the summer..my “You’ve Got Mail”-inspired pinwheel lap-ish quilt..more details and pics and wrinkly linen-cotton love to come about that.. 

*For those of you, again, not in the know, Ravelry is like Facebook for knitters; “raveled” is the equivalent of saying “facebooked”.


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So I was going to rename this the Tuesday blog, because that seems to be the only day I’ve been posting, but haven’t even been doing that recently..sorry, guys.  You wouldn’t have wanted to read a post from this past Tuesday anyway, as I was pretty stressed and it wouldn’t have been pretty.  Or full of love, as I am feeling tonight.

First of all, love for these shoes.  I got the newest Anthropologie catalog in the mail this week, and I have been obsessing about these shoes ever since.  I’m going to save my money and buy them for this summer, I think..  Mauve or black, mauve or black??

And more love for this dress, which I totally want to make to wear with those shoes.  And which I totally could make, since I now have a sewing machine!!  She is my new bff, and I promise to tell you all about her very soon.  So I’m thinking of that dress, in maybe an Anna Maria Horner fabric..

And where, you may be wondering, am I planning on wearing all this lovely stuff..Well..maybe to the wedding of these two cuties, my cousin Josh and my soon-to-be cousin Amy, who I think are hoping to get married this summer.

Like I said, love, love, and love in this post.


In the meantime, I just have to  (a) save a whole lotta money for those shoes (b) get good enough at sewing to make a dress that looks good on me and (c) lose some weight so that I can make a dress that looks good on me.  Next week, I hit the gym!  And blog, some more..

P.S.  One of my next projects: this skirt–so, soo pretty!!

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maybe she has a point..

(discussing the merits of different sewing machine brands) (if all goes well, i’ll be able to buy a machine by summer break)

my mom (her machine is a Kenmore, and she’s always liked it):  Brother has been around a long time; I think it’s supposed to be good.  Our fax machine is a Brother.

me:  I’ve never had much luck with your sewing machine or your fax machine

my sister:  I think it might be you.

(a few minutes later, after describing how a new tube of glue erupted like a volcano all over my hair, shirt, and jeans)

my sister:  See, I think it’s just you…


also, I know that I tend to gravitate towards the same shades in nail polish..


but I had no idea that it was this bad:


I’m going to go paint my nails “rose coral”..luckily, I really like this nail polish, because it looks like I’m going to be using it for a while..

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Oh baby baby..

Does everyone else get random Britney Spears songs stuck in their heads?  (And who else is glad that her life seems to be going better these days?)

Anyway, that was off topic from what I was going to talk about today, which is the staggering number of ladies at my church who are having babies.  Luckily, I made a couple of blankets last year which have been coming in very handy recently.  The first is from Amy’s great book, and is for Miss Addyson:

Cute, scallopy, and sweet, just like her mom, and I’m sure, Addyson herself.

The next is for the soon-to-be born Bailey Elizabeth:

The pattern for this pretty knitted blanket is in this pretty and inspiring book.  I don’t know if I’m going to make the shower tomorrow night to see the mommy-to-be open it, but I hope she likes it as much as I do..And I don’t have a picture yet, but I’m working on a pair of booties for a boy who is sure to be a Tennessee fan, and after that I want to make a pair of bibs and burp cloths for a pair of twins who have already been born.  Once you show up at one shower with a sweet homemade something, you want to give all the new babies something.  Or I do at least.  I feel kinda bad if I don’t..But it’s fun, and it gives me an excuse to knit, which I sadly seem to need or I won’t find time to do it.

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